The Yoga Republic

Practiced in our hot yoga studio which is heated around 40°C with humidity of 35% – 60% so expect a deep cleansing sweat. Classes are in the Vinyasa-flow yoga style. Vinyasa means breath-synchronised movement, and the flow describes the way you will move fluidly from one yoga pose to another in rhythm with your breath. You won’t follow a set routine of postures. Each class and teacher will bring variation and playfulness so that each class experience is different. Great for developing dynamic flexibility, strength, agility and cardiovascular fitness which means you get a great workout, regardless of your level of fitness and strength.


Teachers will provide and encourage modifications to suit your level, so you can rest or challenge yourself depending on what your body needs. The intensity can also be influenced by the speed of the class and length of the hold in any given pose. At first the heat can be a little overwhelming but as your body becomes more efficient at sweating you will learn to love it.