HOT 26+ / HOT 26+ HOUR

Perhaps you know it as Bikram Yoga (it was created by Indian Yoga Teacher Bikram Choudhury). It’s a set sequence of 26 postures plus 2 breathing with each posture practised twice in the 90 minute traditional class. The 60 minute classes follow the same sequence but not all postures are performed twice. It’s done in our hot room which is heated to around 40°C with humidity of 40-60% so intense sweating is encouraged. The sequence increases blood and energy to every cell and organ in the body. The benefits are endless. The magic comes from the repetition and the heat.


Hot 26+ is unique in that each posture is set up, executed individually which makes it a very easy-to-follow sequence. The heat can be overwhelming at first but as the body becomes used to it and learns to sweat more efficiently, it will become your best friend in this class.